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You are required to abide by the following Code of Ethics in the operation of your organization and your opportunity to participate in the NVISIONU business. Violations of the Code of Ethics may result in disciplinary action.

Code of Ethics:

  • You will follow the highest standards of honesty, professionalism, and integrity in the development and operation of your organization.

  • You will give prompt and efficient service to anyone to whom you have introduced NVISIONU products, as well as to your team members.

  • You will make no claims for, or representations about, any NVISIONU products, other than those claims or representations found in current NVISIONU literature or on labels.

  • You will not make negative or disparaging remarks about NVISIONU, NVISIONU founders, any NVISIONU competitor, or their people, products, or organizations.

  • You will not use the NVISIONU trademark, trade name, logo, information, distribution lists, literature, meetings, gatherings, or NVISIONU resources to further other business interests.

  • You will not engage in activities that may cause losses to NVISIONU or another NVISIONU Visionary Builder, or customer.

  • You will perform all duties of a sponsor and a leader as you build your NVISIONU business, including providing the necessary training and support or direct them to the online learning tools or trainings that the Company may offer at times.

  • You will respect the privacy of both your organization team, team members and customers.

  • You will present the NVISIONU compensation plan accurately and honestly, clearly portraying the level of effort required to achieve success without exaggerating the financial possibilities also known as Income Claims.

  • You will not recruit active or enrolled NVISIONU Visionary Builders or customers to other business opportunities.

  • You will abide by all rules, regulations, laws, and ordinances that are applicable to the operation of your organization as an independent Visionary Builder.

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