How to Use The Voucher Program

Welcome to our guide on using the voucher program! This simple tutorial will walk you through the steps to successfully use vouchers for your purchases. Let's get started!

To watch the video with subtitles:

Finding the Voucher
First, head over to the store. You can locate the voucher either from the Shop menu or our collection page.

Choosing the Voucher Amount
Once you've found the voucher you want, select the desired amount and add it to your shopping bag.

Proceeding to Checkout
Ready to complete your purchase? Click on the checkout button to proceed with the payment process.

Finalizing Payment
Finalize your payment at this stage and look out for confirmation of your order.

Assigning the Voucher

After purchasing the voucher, it will initially be unassigned. The next step involves assigning the voucher to a recipient. If you wish to use it personally, you can assign it to yourself. Please note! Once a voucher is assigned to someone, it cannot be changed. 

Login to manage your account and proceed to my voucher page:  Voucher Page

To assign the voucher you can either click on the "Voucher" button under "More" in the menu or directly visit This Page

Once you are on the voucher page, you can assign the voucher by clicking on the text that says "Not Assigned."  

You can enter the Customer ID or email to find the person, and then click on the search icon. 

Successfully Assigned!
Congratulations! The voucher has been successfully assigned to the person you chose.

Using the Voucher
When you're ready to make another purchase, you'll find the voucher listed as a payment option during checkout.

Pro Tip: You have the option to use the entire voucher amount or split the payment by combining the voucher with a credit card.   

And there you have it! You've successfully learned how to use our new voucher program. Enjoy your shopping experience!
If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our support team. Happy shopping!

Thank you for using our NVisionU's Knowledge Base! 

Your NVisionU team


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