How does Paid Rank work

Welcome! In this segment, we'll dive into how the Paid as Rank is calculated. Your paid as rank is determined by the most recent monthly rank you were paid for.

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As the month progresses, your rank accumulates based on your volume achievements and other criteria. You can check your progress using the rank widget. When the month concludes, your rank stands at what it closed on. The payment for this rank, however, occurs three weeks later, on the third Friday of the following month.
For instance, if it's June, your paid as rank update will arrive on the third Friday of July. So, if you finished June as a Diamond, your paid as rank will change to Diamond on that July update.
The rank widget shows your current rank throughout the month, while your paid as rank displays your most recent paid rank.
So, if you're wondering why your paid as rank hasn't been updated immediately, it's likely because payment for that new rank hasn't occurred yet. Keep an eye out for that third Friday to see your achievements shine!
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