Back Office Dashboard Tutorial

Welcome to the NVisionU Back Office Dashboard Tutorial. In this guide, we'll thoroughly explore the features and widgets of the NVisionU back office dashboard, specifically tailored for Visionary Builders like you. This dashboard serves as your command center, simplifying your NVisionU experience.

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Let's begin this in-depth tutorial.

Banner Slider 

As you log in, the banner slider will greet you with essential announcements, promotions, and upcoming events. 

Active Widget 

Positioned on the right side, the active widget offers an instant view of your current Visionary Builder status. 

  • It indicates your Visionary Builder Kit status. 
  • You'll find details on how long your status will remain active. 
  • It clarifies the SmartShip order requirement for maintaining your active status.  

Payout Schedule 

The widget also displays the payout schedule, ensuring you know when residual and weekly commissions will be paid. 

Event Tickets 

Easily access event tickets through a dedicated widget. Stay updated on upcoming events and get your tickets directly through this widget.  

Recent Order 

View your recent orders and SmartShip subscriptions all in one place through the "Recent Order" widget. 

Rank Information 

The "Rank Information" widget offers insights into your achievements: 

  • Previous month's rank. 
  • Highest rank achieved. 
  • Current rank. 

Click on any rank to discover the requirements for unlocking each rank every month.  

Binary Placement 

The "Binary Placement" widget lets you choose your preferred Binary spot. Remember, the system places people automatically after 5 days. If you prefer manual placement, be sure to do so within the 5-day timeframe. 

Marketing Site 

"Marketing Site" provides your unique replicated site link, perfect for sharing through emails and social media. 

About Section 

This section allows you to add your bio, which will be displayed in various places on the site. 

Business Snapshot 

The "Business Snapshot" widget illustrates your organization's CV and QV volume accumulation throughout weekly and monthly periods. 

Binary Check Match 

See your projected earning percentage on level one and whether you've unlocked level two. Qualify for level two to increase your potential earnings. 

Residual Bonus 

Unlock the residual bonus payout by meeting specific criteria: 

  • Have at least three active members in your organization. 
  • Reach a particular volume in your residual tree. 
  • Ensure 20% of the volume in your residual tree comes from personally sponsored individuals. 

Binary Payout 

The "Binary Payout" widget shows your current percentage of binary payout, based on your pack level and order placement. 

Fast Start Bonus 

The "Fast Start Bonus" widget outlines the rules and steps needed to unlock fast start bonuses. There are three levels, each with specific requirements. 

Total Volume 

An essential widget, "Total Volume," indicates your progress in qualifying for the residual bonus. It displays the volume in your largest, second-largest, and third legs. 

Top Enroller 

"Top Enroller" showcases the leading enrollers within your organization, highlighting their success in bringing new members on board. 

World Team 

This widget provides insights into the global distribution of your team members, showcasing your organization's reach worldwide. 

New Members 

Track the number of new visionary builders and customers you've brought on board each month. 

Dual Team 

The "Dual Team" widget reveals the total number of members in your binary tree, their distribution between the left and right sides, and the new members who joined each side in the current month.


Use the calendar widget for scheduling appointments and effective business management. 

Personal Information 

Access your personal details, including sponsor and enrollment information.  

Congratulations! You've successfully explored the key features and widgets of your NVisionU back office dashboard. Feel free to return to this tutorial as needed to navigate your dashboard effectively. Stay tuned for future tutorials where we'll delve into more NVisionU back office features. Thank you for joining us on your NVisionU journey. Until next time!  

Thank you for using our NVisionU's Knowledge Base! 

Your NVisionU team


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