Residual Tree Tutorial

In this tutorial, we'll walk you through a step-by-step tutorial of the NVisionU Residual Tree Placement Suite. The placement suite is a powerful tool for managing your entire NVisionU organization. Here you can view, search, and place anyone you enroll in your residual tree.

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To access the residual tree placement suite, simply navigate to "My Organizations" where you will find a link to the "Residual Tree Placement Suite." When you click, you will see the entire residual tree placement suite and all of its useful features.
At the top, you will find different buttons and navigational tools.
On the left top corner, you will see the "Back to VB Dashboard" button. You can click that when you want to go back to the back office dashboard.
At the top right corner, you'll find a video link for a quick reference guide, so you can watch this video whenever you need to learn about the features again.
To the right of it, you will find account types that are color-coded: Visionary Builders, Retail Customers, and Inactive members.
Under the account types, there are three additional search tools.
The first one is a search box where you can look for a specific person in your organization based on Customer ID, Email, or Full name. When you find them you can navigate directly to their location in your tree.
The second button allows you to quickly jump to a specific level in your tree, you can also toggle the button next to it so the system will automatically filter out members in your organization who already have three legs. This means if you wish to view only individuals that have an available position, then use this feature.
On the right side of the screen, you will find the holding tank. The holding tank shows you every person that you have recently enrolled and is ready to be placed in your organization. If your holding tank is empty, then it means you already placed all your recently enrolled members.
In the center of the screen, you will see every single member in your organization who is in level 1 of your residual tree. You also have additional information provided about them such as their sign-up date and their current organization volume.
To navigate the tree, click on any person to explore their downline. You can keep clicking to dive deeper and view more people. You May experience that the system will reload every three levels, this is intentionally designed in order to ensure the residual tree is fast and snappy.
As you explore your organization, you will find a new feature that shows up in the toolbar labeled "BACK TO PREVIOUS LEVEL". This allows you to navigate back to the previous level in your residual tree.
In the center of the screen, you will also find four additional buttons next to each person's name. The buttons are
Largest Leg Bottom
Second Leg Bottom
Third Leg Bottom
Place Here
Each of these buttons provides an essential function for you to manage your residual tree successfully.
The "Largest Leg Bottom" button allows you to navigate to the bottom of largest leg of that specific individual in your organization. 
The "Second Leg Bottom" button allows you to do the same thing, which is to navigate to the bottom of the second largest leg of that specific individual in your organization. 
And, the "Third Leg Bottom" will also do the same thing just for the third leg.
The "Place Here" button will reveal the holding tank and allow you to place people easily in that specific position in your organization.
If you don't see the "Largest Leg Bottom" button for someone, it simply means that you reached the bottom of this person's organization. If the Second Leg Bottom or Third Leg Bottom is missing then it means that you've also reached the bottom of the organization for that specific person.
The Place Here button will only be there if the person does not already have three legs. If they do then the place here button will not show for that person. In other words, you can only place members under individuals in your tree who have 2 legs or less.
Another way to place someone is by simply opening the holding tank and clicking the Place button, when you do that the system will allow you to search for a specific person in your tree via Customer ID, Email, or Full Name
The Residual Tree Placement Suite also works great on mobile with all of the same features. We added a special button for mobile to make the entire experience mobile-friendly so you can manage your residual organization on the go.
That wraps up our tutorial on the Residual Tree Placement Suite. Watch it a few times to become comfortable with its features, and explore your tree wisely. If you need assistance, our support team is here to help.

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